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DIPP: Version History

DIPP stands for “Delphi Inspiration Pascal Preprocessor”. It is a a tiny console application working as a swiss army knife for Pascal source code manipulation in batch processing.

DIPP 1.2

  • Added recognition of recursive include files to prevent indefinite loops.
  • Added '.pas' default extension for include files with no extension specified.
  • {$IFNDEF …} compiler directive was not negated. Fixed.

DIPP 1.1

  • Added -$ remove directives option.
  • Added -n interface only option.
  • Added -o overwrite existing file option. Changed the default not to overwrite an existing file.
  • Added -p Pascal compiler option.
  • Added -t time stamp option.
  • Added processing of compiler switches.
  • Added Help file.
  • Bug fixes.

DIPP 1.0

Initial, limited release.

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