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 +[[{conf.styles}re|float:​right;​ clear:​right]] 
 +{{logo.png?​nolink }} 
 +<WRAP right> 
 +[[{:​gift16.png|float:​right;​clear:​right}https://​​delphi/​downloads/​|Download Win32 & Win64]] 
 +[[{:​donate16.png|re}http://​​product.html?​productid=300033392&​cart=1|Like SQLiteSpy? Donate!]] 
 +SQLiteSpy is a fast and compact GUI database manager for SQLite. It reads SQLite3 files and executes SQL against them. Its graphical user interface makes it very easy to explore, analyze, and manipulate SQLite3 databases. 
 +<WRAP clear/>​ 
 +<WRAP tabs> 
 +  * [[products:​sqlitespy:​|Overview]] 
 +  * [[products:​sqlitespy:​history|History]] 
 +  * [[wiki:​sqlitespy:​|Wiki]]