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 ===== Frequently Asked Questions ===== ===== Frequently Asked Questions =====
-** What are the WikiTaxi command line parameters? ​**+====WikiTaxi_Importer.exe stops and shows "​Error:​ XML Parser Error -1"​==== 
 +There are at least two reasons why this can happen: 
 +**1.** Wrong input file. Wikipedia offers many different xml.bz2 dump files with different contents. WikiTaxi needs the correct one, and only one of them. The file name must follow this pattern: ''​wikiname-yyyymmdd--pages-articles.xml.bz2''​ where 
 +  * ''​wikiname''​ is the name of the Wiki, i.e. enwiki, dewiki, simplewiki. 
 +  * ''​yyyymmdd''​ is the export date, like 20200720. 
 +  * simplewiki-20200701-pages-articles.xml.bz2 
 +  * enwiki-20200701-pages-articles.xml.bz2 
 +This file is a single file only, not multiple files. Depending on the Wiki, it can be many gigabytes in size. 
 +**2.** WikiTaxi has not been updated for a long time. It is possible that Wikipedia has since changed the file format of the dump file so WikiTaxi cannot read it anymore. 
 +The same is true for the Wikipedia syntax. There are new elements which WikiTaxi cannot handle and instead shows them as plain text. 
 +Thanks, my previous file is multistream version, and the correct file can be imported easily.  
 +====What are the WikiTaxi command line parameters?====
 WikiTaxi.exe currently takes two command line arguments: WikiTaxi.exe currently takes two command line arguments:
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   WikiTaxi.exe "​Albert Einstein"​   WikiTaxi.exe "​Albert Einstein"​
-**Tutorial:​** [[shortcut|How to create a Windows ​shorcut ​to open a database automatically?​]]+**Tutorial:​** [[shortcut|How to create a Windows ​shortcut ​to open a database automatically?​]]
 ===== Batch Importing ===== ===== Batch Importing =====
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