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Tnt Unicode Controls

Tnt Unicode Controls allow old Delphi versions before Delphi 2009 to create applications which use the Unicode capabilities of Windows NT systems.


In late March 2007, the free Tnt Unicode Controls, originally created by Troy Wolbrink, turned commercial. They are since then no longer available for download from their original home, but it was still possible to access them from other Internet locations.

Since then, many of these resources unfortunately also stopped working. They are nevertheless listed below for historical reference. To get hold of the Tnt Unicode Controls today, click the button above to download from this site.

Download and VersionLocationComments
TntUnicodeControls_2.3.0.zipLocalLatest free version from TntWare.
TntUnicodeControls 2.1.11archive.orgLast Delphi 5 version.

Tnt LX Controls

The Tnt Delphi LX Controls, also by Troy Wolbrink, are based upon the Tnt Unicode Controls and used to be available from their original home even after the Tnt Unicode Controls were deleted. After some time, however, they were also removed.

The links below are kept for historical reference only. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the Tnt LX Controls which I could make available for download from this site. If you happen to have a backup, please send it in so I can make it avaialble for download here.

Download and VersionLocationComments
TntLxControls_1.3.0.zipLocalLatest free version from TntWare.

Bugs and Workarounds

With Delphi 2007, the TTntOpenDialog and TTntSaveDialog do not work properly on Windows Vista. A workaround is to set this global variable to False before invoking the dialogs:

Dialogs.UseLatestCommonDialogs := False;

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it legal to use the original free Tnt Unicode Controls version? If in doubt, read the license file. Here is an excerpt: “Redistribution and use in binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted. Redistribution and use in source forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the redistributions of source code retain the above copyright.”
  • I can not open the ZIP files from Are they broken? If the file has not been transferred in total, the central directory might be incomplete. Most archive software reports this as an error, even if no data has actually been lost. You can repair such broken ZIP files, for example with DiskInternal's free ZIP-Repair tool.
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