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  • DISQLite3 v5.48.1
    • Update to SQLite v3.45.1.
  • YuOpenSSL-3 v1.3.1
    • Update to OpenSSL 3.0.13.
      • Fixed PKCS12 Decoding crashes (CVE-2024-0727).
      • Fixed Excessive time spent checking invalid RSA public keys (CVE-2023-6237).
      • Fix excessive time spent in DH check / generation with large Q parameter value (CVE-2023-5678).
  • YuStemmer v6.0.1
    • Fix Win64 access violation in Latin stemmers.
  • DISQLite3 v5.48.0
    • Update to SQLite v3.45.0.
      • Enhancements to the JSON SQL functions, including a new and fast JSONB binary JSON representation.
      • New FTS5 tokendata option.
  • YuStemmer v6.0.0
    • New Estonian stemmer.
    • Improved Romanian and Swedish stemmers.
    • Tamil stemmer performance improvement.
  • YuXMLSec v1.2.1
    • Update XMLSec for Delphi to v1.3.2.
  • YuZip v7.1.1
    • Update XZ for Delphi to v5.4.5.
    • Update zlib-ng for Delphi to v2.1.5.
  • DIXml v6.3.0
    • Update libxml2 to version v2.12.2.
    • Add the EXSLT crypto module.
  • YuImage v1.1.2
    • Update Little CMS to v2.16.
  • DIXml v6.2.1
    • Update libxml2 to version v2.12.0:
      • Fix XML parser quadratic behavior.
      • Reduce hash table memory consumption.
      • Other improvements and bug fixes.
    • Update libxlst to version v1.39.0:
      • Limit import nesting and template processing depth.
  • DISQLite3 v5.47.1
    • Update to SQLite v3.44.2.
      • Fix a problem in FTS5 that was discovered during internal fuzz testing.
      • Other obscure bug fixes.
  • YuImage v1.1.1
    • Update libwep to v1.3.2:
      • Fix a critical security out of bounds (OOB) bug in the lossless decoder (CVE-2023-4863).
  • YuOpenSSL-3 v1.2.13
    • Update to OpenSSL 3.0.12.
      • Fix CVE-2023-5363: Mitigate incorrect resize handling for symmetric cipher keys and IVs.
  • DISQLite3 v5.46.1
    • Update to SQLite v3.43.2.
      • Fix obscure use after free (UAF) errors in JSON and FTS5.
      • Fix an obscure memory leak in sqlite3_blob_reopen().
      • Improve detection of corrupt databases.
  • YuZip v7.0.1
    • Fix Zstandard extraction bug in Win32.
    • Fix conversion between universal time and local time.
    • Improve the YuZip_ArchiveManager demo.
    • Update XZ v5.4.4 and zlib to v1.3.
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