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  • YuZip v7.1.3
    • Update compression libraries:
      • XZ v5.6.2.
      • 7-Zip v24.07.
  • YuPcre2 v1.23.0
    • Update to PCRE2 v10.44.
      • Added pcre2_set_max_pattern_compiled_length to limit the size of compiled patterns, and TDIRegEx2Base.MaxPatternCompiledLength.
      • Increase the maximum length of a name for a group from 32 to 128.
      • Bug fixes.
  • YuOpenSSL-3 v1.3.2
    • Update to OpenSSL 3.0.14.
      • Fixed potential use after free after SSL_free_buffers() is called (CVE-2024-4741).
      • Fixed an issue where checking excessively long DSA keys or parameters may be very slow (CVE-2024-4603).
      • Fixed unbounded memory growth with session handling in TLSv1.3 (CVE-2024-2511).
  • DISQLite3 v5.49.0
    • Update to SQLite v3.46.0.
    • Improvements to the PRAGMA optimize command.
    • Enhancements to the date and time functions.
    • The ability to put “_” between digits in numeric literals for readability.
    • Added the json_pretty() SQL function
    • Improvements to the query planner, especially a new faster implementation for VALUES clauses with many terms.
  • DIXml v6.3.2
    • Update libxml2 to version v2.12.7.
  • YuZip v7.1.2
    • Compression libraries update:
      • XZ v5.6.1.
      • zlib v1.3.1.
      • zlib-ng v2.1.6.
      • Zstandard v1.5.6.
  • DISQLite3 v5.48.3
    • Update to SQLite v3.45.3.
  • YuPcre2 v1.22.0
    • Update to PCRE2 v10.43 final, with numerous bug fixes.
  • DIXml v6.3.1
    • Update libxml2 to version v2.12.6.
  • SQLiteSpy v1.9.23
    • Update the built-in database engine to SQLite 3.45.2, DISQLite3 v5.48.2.
    • Fix: The schema treeview did not show generated columns.
    • Fix: If a table's pimary key column name contained parameter characters ('?', ':', '@', or '$'), a double click on the schema treeview failed to display the table or showed “0 - deleted” instead of the actual row data.
  • DISQLite3 v5.48.2
    • Update to SQLite v3.45.2.
  • DISQLite3 v5.48.1
    • Update to SQLite v3.45.1.
  • YuOpenSSL-3 v1.3.1
    • Update to OpenSSL 3.0.13.
      • Fixed PKCS12 Decoding crashes (CVE-2024-0727).
      • Fixed Excessive time spent checking invalid RSA public keys (CVE-2023-6237).
      • Fix excessive time spent in DH check / generation with large Q parameter value (CVE-2023-5678).
  • YuStemmer v6.0.1
    • Fix Win64 access violation in Latin stemmers.
  • DISQLite3 v5.48.0
    • Update to SQLite v3.45.0.
      • Enhancements to the JSON SQL functions, including a new and fast JSONB binary JSON representation.
      • New FTS5 tokendata option.
  • YuStemmer v6.0.0
    • New Estonian stemmer.
    • Improved Romanian and Swedish stemmers.
    • Tamil stemmer performance improvement.
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