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  • DISQLite3 5.30.0
    • Add support for the NULLS FIRST and NULLS LAST clauses on ORDER BY SQL statements.
    • Add support for FILTER SQL clauses on all aggregate functions.
    • Miscellaneous performance enhancements.
  • YuStemmer 5.1.0
    • New Hindi stemmers.
    • Bigger test cases.
  • DISQLite3 5.29.0
    • New option to activate and deactivate the double-quoted string literal misfeature.
    • Query planner improvements: AND, OR, and LIKE optimizations.
    • New sqlite_dbdata virtual table extension to extract raw low-level database content
    • Add basic support for Chinese (CJK) word / line breaks.
  • DISQLite3 5.28.0
    • Enhanced windows functions support the exclude clause, window changing, groups frames as well as preceeding and following boundaries in range frames.
    • New sqlite3_stmt_isexplain() and sqlite3_value_frombind() interfaces.
    • New query optimizations.
    • New blobio and fossildelta extensions.
  • YuNetSurf 3.4.0.
    • New for HTML: detection of space only separated charsets.
    • New for CSS: box-sizing and flexbox properties, plus various length units. Performance improvements: Share computed styles, bypass CSS selection if possible, case insensitive string comparisons.
  • YuStemmer 5.0.0
    • New Greek, Indonesian, Lithuanian, and Nepali stemmers.
    • Stemming improvements to some stemmers.
    • Better UTF-8 handling.
  • YuPcre2 1.9.2
    • pcre2_dfa_match() now uses heap instead of stack memory.
    • New \N{U+dddd} syntax in Unicode mode.
    • Update to Unicode 11.0.
    • Many pattern and matching bug fixes.
  • DISQLite3 5.26.1
    • Fix sqlite3_rekey() and sqlite3_rekey_v2() encryption errors with databases greater than about 4 MB.
    • Replace some old units in the DIZipWriter_Dxx.dpk requires clause which prevented compilation.
  • YuPcre2 1.9.1
    • Fix TDIRegEx2_16.MatchNext advncing start offset if previous match was an empty string.
    • Work around compiler error with at least one Delphi 10.3 Rio installation.
  • DIPP 1.10
    • Caution: Minor syntax changes – test your output before production!
    • Unicode support.
    • Resource directive handling.
    • Include file renaming.
    • {$IFOPT …} processing.
    • Bug fixes.
  • DISQLite3 5.24.0 Faster parser, new database serialize and desirialize functions, new IS/ IS NOT TRUE/FALSE operators, new printf() syntax for character substitutions, new SQL normalization function, other improvements and bug fixes.
  • YuPcre2 1.8.0 Bugfix release with minor enhancements:
    • New pcre2_pattern_info() option PCRE2_INFO_EXTRAOPTIONS;
    • New public names for all the pcre2_compile() error numbers, new callout block flags field with PCRE2_CALLOUT_STARTMATCH and PCRE2_CALLOUT_BACKTRACK bits.
  • DISQLite3 5.23.0 New extensions: zipfile, sqlite_btreeinfo, Append VFS, incremental_index_check, sqlite_btreeinfo, SQLAR. Query planner and performance improvements. Bug fixes, and more.
  • SQLiteSpy 1.9.12 Update built-in DISQLite3 engine to SQLite 3.21.0. New CSV, DBPAGE, CHECKFREELIST, SHA3, SHA1 extensions.
  • YuPdf 2.5.0 Add interfaces to achieve writing PDF/A compatible documents and amend demo projects where applicable.
  • DITidy 6.0.0 Overhaul of message system, memory leak and bug fixes.
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