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  • YuXMLSec v1.1.0
    • Update to XMLSec 1.3.0. Remove FTP and MD5 support, but added new features in return.
  • DISQLite3 v5.43.2
    • Fix multiple problems in prior releases, including include reads (not writes) past the end of a buffer.
  • DISQLite3 v5.43.1
    • Ensure that the datatype for column t1.x in CREATE TABLE t1 AS SELECT CAST(7 AS INT) AS x; continues to be INT and is not NUM, for historical compatibility.
    • Enhance PRAGMA integrity_check to detect when extra bytes appear at the end of an index record.
    • Fix various obscure bugs.
  • DIZipWriter v6.11.0
    • Updated compression libraries:
      • XZ v5.4.1, with bug fixes and new features.
      • Zstandard v1.5.4, with bug fixes, new features, and performance enhancements.
  • DISQLite3 v5.43.0
    • Many query planner improvements.
    • Add the built-in unhex SQL function.
    • Add the base64 and base85 application-defined functions as an extension.
    • Add the sqlite3_stmt_scanstatus_v2 interface.
    • Various enhancements and fixes.
  • YuOpenSSL v1.1.7
    • Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1t.
      • Security fixes.
  • YuOpenSSL-3 v1.2.7
    • Update to OpenSSL 3.0.8.
      • Security fixes.
  • YuStemmer 5.7.0
    • German2 stemmers: Fix handling of 'qu' to match algorithm description.
    • Italian stemmers: Fix overstemming of 'divano'.
    • Improvements to arabic, greek, hindi, irish, turkish, and yiddish stemmers.
  • DISQLite3 v5.42.1
    • Fix a potential infinite loop in the memsys5 alternative memory allocator.
    • Various other obscure fixes.
  • YuPcre2 v1.20.1
    • JIT: Fix backtracking optimization of character repeats and optimize star repetitions.
    • pcre2_match() always uses the heap for backtracking.
    • JIT compiler update.
  • YuXMLSec v1.0.3
    • Update to XMLSec 1.2.37.
      • Migration to OpenSSL 3.0 APIs. Needs YuOpenSSL-3 v1.2.6 or later.
      • Several smaller fixes.
  • YuPng v1.0.0 New!
    • Initial release of this new Delphi PNG library, with support for embedded ICC profile conversion, gamma correction, chromaticities, and much more.
  • DIZipWriter v6.10.0
    • New PPMd compression algorithm.
    • Update the XZ compression algorithm to v5.2.8.
  • DISQLite3 v5.42.0
    • New and improved recovery extension for extracting data from corrupted database files.
    • Performance enhancements and improvements to the query planner.
  • DIZipWriter v6.9.2
    • Update compression algorithms to zlib v1.2.13, XZ v5.2.6, zstd v1.5.2.
    • Fix missing DIZlibConsts.pas: All resourcestrings are now in DIZipConsts.
  • YuOpenSSL-3 v1.2.5
    • Update to OpenSSL 3.0.7 (OpenSSL 3.0.6 was withdrawn by the OpenSSL developers).
      • Fixed two high vulnerability buffer overflows in punycode decoding functions, CVE-2022-3786 and CVE-2022-3602.
      • Added RIPEMD160 to the default provider.
      • Other minor bug fixes.
  • YuOpenSSL v1.1.6
    • Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1s (OpenSSL 1.1.1r was withdrawn by the OpenSSL developers).
      • Bug fixes.
  • DIXml v6.0.1
    • Update libxml2 to version v2.10.3.
      • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
    • Update libxslt to version v1.1.37:
      • Minor improvements.
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