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WikiTaxi: Version History

WikiTaxi 1.3.0 – 20 Jun 2010

  • Internationalize names of parser variables and functions. 30 languages are supported, which is most of the Wikipedias with +100000 articles.
  • Cascading Style Sheets are now loaded per Wiki site. Most Wikipedia CSS files are included.
  • New <poem> tag extension.
  • General improvements for tag extensions, especially where they conflicted with other Wiki syntax.
  • Add quite a number of parser variables and functions.
  • Recognize some more HTML tags.
  • Template expansion was still not working quite right with some pages.
  • Fix a few problems with math calculations.
  • Better Table of Contents generation.
  • Many more minor bug fixes and improvements.

WikiTaxi 1.2.0 – 31 May 2010

  • Overhaul the template preprocessor: It is now much more robust and about twice as fast for most pages.
  • Restructure handling of parser functions and magic words. Add more parser functions, improve on existing ones.
  • Improve image detail parsing. Display image captions in gray font.
  • Fix subpage link resolution.
  • Better indication of visited links, including redirects.

WikiTaxi 1.1.0 – 6 May 2010

Limited release, download available to beta testers only.

  • INCOMPATIBILITY CHANGE: Search is now Unicode compatible. As a result, the old database format is no longer recognized by the new WikiTaxi 1.1 and reports an error. Please re-import your * dumps and create new *.taxi files.
  • Big round of Wiki syntax parser improvements: many pages display much better now.
  • Math formula display. Because of long rendering times, math formulas are switched off by default and can be turned on in the new Options menu.
  • The extended options menu now opens by clicking the corresponding button at the top toolbar.
  • Improved prev/next page navigation: Search and help pages can be navigated as well.
  • Customizablee user interface font, especially useful for high resolutions on small netbook displays.
  • New Wiki button to open the original page in an external browser.
  • A new percentage indicator in the lower left corner indicates page load progress.

WikiTaxi 1.0.6 – 14 Dec 2008

  • Initial language support for data and month names. <en> and <de> only right now, more to come.
  • New roman number and RFC 2822 formatting plus a few fixes to the #time parser function.
  • Subpage feature for certain namespaces.
  • Add some new parser variables and fix some existing ones.
  • WikiTaxi_Importer.exe did not import empty NameSpaces.

WikiTaxi 1.0.5 – 4 Dec 2008

  • Allow to scan for databases outside the WikiTaxi.exe directory.
  • If “Go” does not find an exact match, produce a short list of partial matches.
  • Improve HTML wiki syntax parsing.
  • Correct floating point errors with expression calculator.
  • Improve include handling of non template pages.
  • Fix access violation in HTML display component.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • Added and/or updated some language *.css files.
  • Correct nonsense import time estimate with dump files greater than 4 GB.

WikiTaxi 1.0.4 – (not published on this site)

  • New “Go” button to find exact page names quickly.
  • “Search” button starts full text search in page names.
  • “?” returns to WikiTaxi welcome page.
  • Welcome page lists *.taxi files found in the WikiTaxi.exe root folder.
  • Pick a random page from the main namespace only.
  • “Arial” is now the default font as it contains more Unicode characters.
  • With Windows Vista, the open dialog did not work as intended.
  • Plenty of Mediawiki parser bug fixes:
    • Very long pages did not show the correct page title.
    • Some footnote links did not work (Cite extension).
    • Unclosed HTML tags could cause infinite loop stack overflows or access violations.
    • Preformatted whitespace within certain HTML blocks was not preserved.
    • Some magic words were not properly recognized.
    • Link #fractions could be wrong.

WikiTaxi 1.0.3 – 12 Jun 2008

  • Some more parser improvements, one of which also fixes an AV.

WikiTaxi 1.0.2 – 11 Jun 2008

  • Parser improvements: HTML tags, math expressions.
  • Some internal CSS fixes.
  • Form scale fix for large fonts.

WikiTaxi 1.0.1 – 15 May 2008

  • Parser improvements, mostly HTML related.
  • Rendering enhancements: Do not display hidden elements.
  • Add specific CSS files for the 10 biggest Wikipedias.

WikiTaxi 1.0 – 29 Apr 2008

  • Initial public release.
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