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YuXMLSec: Version History

YuXMLSec provides major XML Security standards for Delphi: XML Signature Syntax and Processing (XMLDSIG), XML Encryption Syntax and Processing (XMLENC), and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

YuXMLSec v1.2.1 – 11 Dec 2023

  • Update to XMLSec v1.3.2:
    • Fix GOST.
    • Fix base64 for large files.
    • Fix serializing non-UTF-8 encoded XML data.

YuXMLSec v1.2.0 – 22 Nov 2023

  • Support Delphi 12 Athens Win32 and Win64.

YuXMLSec v1.1.0 – 26 Apr 2023

  • Update to XMLSec v1.3.0:
    • core xmlsec and all xmlsec-crypto libraries:
      • Added support for the <KeyInfoReference> element (ABI breaking change).
      • Changed the key search to strict mode: only keys referenced by <KeyInfo> are used. To restore the old “lax” mode, set XMLSEC_KEYINFO_FLAGS_LAX_KEY_SEARCH flag on xmlSecKeyInfoCtx (API breaking change).
      • The <KeyName> element content is now trimmed before key search is performed (API breaking change).
      • Disabled FTP support (API breaking change).
      • Disabled MD5 digest method (API/ABI breaking change).
      • Added failureReason file to xmlSecDSigCtx and xmlSecEncCtx to provide more granular operation failure reason (ABI breaking change).
      • Removed deprecated functions (ABI breaking change).
      • Added support for loading keys through ossl-store interface (e.g. for using keys from an HSM).
      • Added ability to control transforms binary chunk size to improve performance.
    • xmlsec-openssl library:
      • Added support for SHA3 digests.
      • Added support for ECDSA-SHA3 signatures.
      • Added support for RSA PSS signatures (withtout parameters).
      • Added support for ConcatKDF key and PBKDF2 derivation algorithms.
      • Added support for ECDH-ES Key Agreement algorithm (ABI breaking change).
      • Added support for DH-ES Key Agreement algorithm with explicit KDF (ABI breaking change).
      • Added support for MGF1 algorithm to RSA OAEP key transport.
      • Added support for X509Digest element and ability to lookup keys using other X509Data elements.
      • Added support for DEREncodedKeyValue element.
      • Automatically set key name from PKCS12 key name.

YuXMLSec v1.0.3 – 18 Dec 2022

  • Migration to OpenSSL 3.0 API. Needs YuOpenSSL-3 v1.2.6 or later.
  • Several smaller fixes.

YuXMLSec v1.0.2 – 8 Sep 2022

  • DIXml v6.0.0 compatability update.

YuXMLSec v1.0.1 – 11 Jul 2022

  • Update to XMLSec v1.2.34.

YuXMLSec v1.0.0 – 4 Feb 2022

  • Compiled against YuOpenSSL-3. The old YuOpenSSL no longer works. Please update if needed.
  • Update to XMLSec v1.2.33:
    • Fix decrypting session key for multiple recipients.
    • Add the xmlSecKeyDataFormatEngine option to enhance OpenSSL engine support.

YuXMLSec 0.3.0 Beta – 16 Sept 2021

  • Support Delphi 11 Alexandria Win32 and Win64.

YuXMLSec 0.2.0 Alpha – 19 Jul 2021

  • Update to XMLSec v1.2.32:
    • Add xmlSecX509DataGetNodeContent, with fixed return value.
    • Fix PKCS1 parsing error handling in xmlSecOpenSSLAppPkcs12LoadBIO. It now logs the real root error cause.
    • Fix decrypting XML with multiple recipients.

YuXMLSec 0.1.0 Alpha – 28 Jan 2021

  • Initial public release, based on XMLSec 1.2.31.
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