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SQLiteSpy: Wiki

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Delphi Components used in SQLiteSpy

  • Data grid and the schema treeview are implemented as TVirtualStringTree descendants.
  • Modern tabs are displayed by JVCL TJvTabBar (formerly with added Unicode support).
  • SynEdit (formerly UniSynEdit) and a customized SQLite3 highlighter bring SQL Unicode syntax highlighting to SQLiteSpy.

Feature Suggestions

  • No auto-save on exit. There is the Read-only option, but any modification is auto-saved on exit which may be problematic, especially for beginners who aren't aware and expect a save confirmation on exit and possibly a save item in the menu.
    • The SQLite database engine does not know the idea of “save on exit”. It writes all database changes directly to disk by default. One way to prevent this is to execute BEGIN TRANSACTION; before other SQL commands. When done, and before closing SQLiteSpy, execute COMMIT TRANSACTION; to save your changes.
  • Command-line version of the SQLiteSpy's SQLite engine (including math/regexp functions etc) with the ability to read from stdin or to be used as a shell.
  • Support of “INSTEAD OF” triggers in views, to allow cell editing (F2) of corresponding view columns
  • CSV import and export:
    • For CSV import, use the CSV extension. Example:
      CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE temp.t1 USING csv(filename='thefile.csv');
      SELECT * FROM t1;
    • CSV export is not yet supported. The clipboard can be a workaround: Select rows, copy, and paste into a spreadsheet application.
  • Create / Modify / Delete Tables by Wizard
  • Create / Modify / Delete Views by Wizard
  • Create / Modify / Delete Triggers by Wizard
  • Use external SQLite DLL (for custom SQLite builds).
    • A SQLiteSpy version which uses an external sqlite3.dll as external database engine is available from the author upon request.
  • Add a command-line option to also open a given text file in the editor (on top of the existing param for opening a given DB).
  • On File Menu, 'Vacuum Database'.
    • The VACUUM; SQL command is available as a menu item at Menu → Execute → Vacuum Database.
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